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Another Snow Day

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So my mom thought she would be funny and buy me a Snuggie (blanket with arms) for dogs because she knows how much my dad hates the Snuggie for people. So she bought it, put it on me and surprised him. Boy was he surprised and now I have to wear the dorky thing. Here is me sporting my Snuggie. Mom had to modify it for me a little by sewing the right arm shut and added loops on the top so it won’t slip down and expose my stump.
Fortunately, I only have to wear the Snuggie when I go outside in the cold and it’s usually under my Ruffwear vest. I look totally cool!  I got to go outside for a short walk today and it was a lot of fun. We had another snow storm and I think we probably got a foot of snow. I still take short walks because I get tired fast and mom doesn’t want me to push it. She takes my brother for a long walk first because she knows I am the patient one and when they get home she takes me out. I am so lucky I don’t even have to wear a leash most of the time. I like to walk around the park across the street from our house.
Happy Face Snow Day
Sometimes mom is very paranoid that I am going to slip and fall on the snow and ice, but I think I have mastered walking across them. I am doing so well that I surprise myself. Mom makes me wear my vest just in case she needs to help me across some rough areas, don’t tell her but it does make me feel safer and more confident! I can’t wait until tomorrow when I get to explore more snow!
Lots of snow

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10 Responses to “Another Snow Day”

  1.   admin Says:

    Lookin’ good there Peyton! Lovin’ all the snow pictures too, we left just in time! 😉

  2.   Ben Says:

    You are lookin’ great. Don’t worry about wearing the vest. My peeps made me wear one for 5 months, every time we hiked, boated or swam. I was done with it after about 2 months, but it made them feel better so I wore it, even though I am a studly golden retriever.
    Life is Better on 3 legs than 4,

  3.   jakesmom Says:

    Oh Peyton,

    You don’t look silly at all in your blue ‘snuggie’!!! In fact, you look great!!! Enjoy the snow!!

    Jake’s Mom

  4.   Dane Mom Sue Says:

    Hey Peyton, that Snuggie doesnt look bad at all. Too bad they don’t make them in my size. You look great in the snow. Hopefully we will get some here in Michigan soon.

    Your Tripawd Great Dane friend Nova

  5.   Grandma Belinda Says:

    Hey Petie,

    I love your blue Snuggie. Tell your dad to stop making fun of you.


  6.   shiloanne Says:

    Hey there Peyton, we love the Snuggie!! Shilo will be really jealous here in about a month when it starts getting really cold here. She is such the little princess. So glad to see you enjoying the snow even if it makes your pawrents a little nervous!! Love the pics keep on postin’

    Shilo and mom

  7.   Auntie Brooke Says:


    We love the updates and the snuggie. Thanks to your mom and dad for putting the blog together!

    Auntie Brooke

  8.   maggiesfamily Says:

    Oh my gosh! So much snow! You are looking great Peyton, blue is a good color on you!

  9.   gratefull Says:

    My dog Buddy is at the vets recovering from his hind leg amputation this morning. Buddy is also a golden retriever and i was drawn to your blog since your dog is also a golden. I’m hoping the adjustment won’t be to tough on him and am so glad to see how well your dog seems to be doing! Absolutely beautiful dogs:))

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