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3 Weeks Gone By

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Three weeks have gone by since Peyton left us for endless hours of chasing his Chuck-It balls, tiredless days of swimming, and so many peanut butter treats that his head spins (he’s eating extra for you Opie). We know he is having a wonderful time at the Bridge with all of his friends and family that have left us over the years not to mention all of the new friends he has made. We know he misses and watches over us, but we still have an empty feeling without him. Every night we go for a walk we look up in the sky and Mom says hi “P”. There is a star just west of us over the mountains that shines just a little brighter than the rest and Mom says that is Peyton watching us. It gives us all a warm feeling inside.

Mom and Dad have been really good at trying to keep me busy and not feeling lonely. It has helped a lot, but I still miss Peyton more than words can express. I have become more attached to Mom and Dad and I try to be with them every second I can. When they are home I follow one of them around constantly. It is so bad that Mom will turn around quickly and run into me because she doesn’t realize I am right behind her. I also try to slip out the garage door anytime I know they are leaving. I should get to go everywhere they go, right? Unfortunately, I don’t always get to go with them and I have to stay home alone. I try to pass time by sleeping.

Where are you going?

Today, I was feeling a little ornery and I stole a pillow off the pawrents bed when they weren’t looking. Mom thought it was hilarious and of course started taking pictures. She didn’t even get mad at me for stealing the pillow. Can I do anything wrong?

Pillow Shake

Next, I helped Dad out by getting him the newspaper. Man, those Sunday papers must be really good because they are heavy. Newspaper fetching was always Peyton’s job so I decided to make Dad proud and start doing it for him. As a reward for my good deed today, Dad took me to the park with my Chuck-It. We had fun playing around in the snow.

Newspaper Fetch

Mom had a special surprise for me later when we went on our walk. We started out on a different route and we stopped at a friend’s house. The next thing I knew my friends Sampson and Cheney were getting hooked up too. We all got to go for a walk together. After the walk we weren’t worn out, we got to run around the front yard and play in the snow. I like hanging out with Sampson and Cheney. They are a lot of fun!

Mom and I went home and I heard her talking to Dad about leaving in the car. I decided there was no way they could leave without me today. I followed closely and darted out the door to the Trailblazer. Good news they let me go! We were going on an adventure. Mom and Dad decided it was time to carry on Peyton’s adventures. We drove around down town Loveland taking pictures in front of electrical transformers that have been painted. It seems our town thought the transformers were ugly the way they came and decided to spruce them up. Our town has an appreciation for the arts. We had a good time!

Ocean box

Egyptian box

Sunball Eye box

The River box

Animal box

Space Galaxy box

Old Feed and Grain building and box

Shape box

Bull box

Little Kids box

Fun box

We hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Have a great week!

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10 Responses to “3 Weeks Gone By”

  1.   maximutt Says:

    Dillon, you are one lucky boy to have the pawrents you have!!

  2.   Tazzie Says:


    With a little imagination like your parents, you can turn everything into an adventure! Painted Transformers, who woulda thought? Take care of yourself Dillon!

  3.   admin Says:

    We are sure you can do no wrong Dillon. Thanks for checking in!

  4.   cairasue Says:

    The artwork in Loveland is amazing.
    It took 3 weeks for Caira to stop showing signs of really missing our senior cat who we put to sleep 2 days before Christmas. And she didn’t go out everyday and play with him. I’m sure Peyton and Dillon were a LOT closer.
    It’s great that you have friends within walking distance that Dillon can go play with. It’s wonderful that a dog can have moments of pure joy like rolling and playing in the snow. Not one minute of worry when they are doing that!
    Keep enjoying the adventures.

  5.   jakesmom Says:

    Wolfie was also so sad after we lost Jake… He became more clinigy to us (if that’s even possible!)… and then he started acting up… Even when he’d go swimming and run around the pool, he’d always stop in from of the patio door and look inside… I think he was looking for Jake… 🙁 Everything seemed to change though, when my hubby brought a tiny kitten (Nala) into our lives on Dec 20th. Wolfie looked so happy again. We hadn’t seen him like that for a long time! He still looks for Jake whenever he’s swimming… and at times, he lies on Jake’s bed and buries his head in it and takes deep breaths… Maybe he can still smell Jake on it, since we haven’t washed it yet. I think we never will!

    I love that you are still keeping up your traditions with Dillon… Love all the pictures of you both in front of the transformers. What a wonderful town you live in!

    Sending kisses to your sweet Dillon!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  6.   Ben Says:

    Dillon –
    You are doing a PAWSOME job of keeping the golden spirit going strong.
    When Lance, my older brother, lost his pal Bailey, none of the rest of the fellas were around yet, he acted much the way you are – trying to fill another set of paws and still be himself.

    Lance was so upset the first time the peeps left him home alone, he had never been alone before, he shredded a king size down comforter. When the peeps came home all they saw was a sad faced dog rolling around in feathers.

    The peeps weren’t ready for another dog but Lance was so very sad that the peeps found him a pal, Tiger. Lance and Tiger have been inseperable ever since.

    Love the transformer adventure.

  7.   Opie Says:

    Hi Dillon!

    I missed talking to you! Wow, what a cool adventure. Looking at the artwork makes me wish I could see color.

    I’ll bet you do miss Peyton. You knew him longer than anybody and he kept you company every day. I only knew him alittle while and miss him alot, so you must hurt pretty bad, but you have some rad pawrents and they sure do give you a nice life. I am glad you have friends in the hood, that helps a little I’ll bet. Like you said, Peyton is swimming and playing and eating his p-nut butter and apparently, mine too! Hey Peyton, don’t eat it all! What am i saying? It wouldn’t be heaven if there weren’t an endless supply of peanut butter. Hang in there dawg, I’m thinkin’ about ya.

  8.   ldillon81 Says:

    Wow Dillon! You and your pawrents sure had a super time out on the town! Those transformers are wonderful…kinda makes me wish we had them around here 🙂 You are probably a little confused as to why you’re getting all the attention lately, but don’t worry…we all get confused every once in a while. I love that you are carrying on Peyton’s adventures, and you are lucky to have such a great mommy and daddy that decided to share not only Peyton with us, but you as well! Best Wishes!

    <3 Laura and Jackaroon

  9.   Opie Says:

    Hey Dillon,

    Can’t sleep, so thought I would surf the website.

    Just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope good.

    Looking forward to your next adventure…Opie

  10.   maggie Says:

    Hey Dillon!
    I’m sorry I missed this post on your brother Peyton’s blog until now! Very cool adventures you’re taking and taking on Peyton’s duty of getting the paper 🙂 Make your brother proud, Dillon!

    Hugs to your pawrents 😉

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

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