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National Love Your Dog Day

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I thought I was going to have a great weekend with my pawrents, boy was I wrong! It all started on Friday when Mom and Dad started packing their suitcases full of clothes and getting my over night items ready. I just knew we were in for a treat. When it was time to leave I noticed a crate in the back of the Trailblazer. I also realized Dad didn’t leave with us. He left in his own car. Something was a little strange. I decided to enjoy the ride and not worry about where Dad went. Mom and I  arrived at our destination rather quickly. When we stopped I looked out the window and we were at Grandma’s house. Hmmm… Then Dad showed up behind us in his car. They unloaded the crate and my things and broke the news that I was staying and they were not. WTH!!! A weekend away without me?!?! Who are these people and what have you done with my Pawrents????  Mom and Dad gave me hugs and kisses and told me they would be back. I took one for the team and kenneled up (I thought I graduated away from a crate months ago)!

Where are we going?

My weekend adventure consisted of four little dogs (my aunts and uncles)! My uncles Tanner and Traveler were very cool dudes, auntie Hope was sweet, but then there was crazy auntie Simone. She barked and barked. I didn’t want to be there as much as she didn’t want me there. I made the most of it and tried to have a little fun playing with Traveler. Mom called Saturday to make sure I was behaving since it was the first time I stayed at Grandma’s without Peyton. She assured Mom I was doing good. When Grandma got off the phone she gave me extra love and treats. I found out it was National Love Your Dog Day. If my pawrents love me so much why were they on an adventure without me? I think someone should call the animal police! That has got to be cruelty to Dillon… right??

Help Me!!!

Mom and Dad had a much better time than me. They went to Estes Park and spent lots of time in Rocky Mountain National Park. They saw lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery. It snowed non-stop the whole time they were up there, but that didn’t stop them. They got to go snow shoeing for the first time. So tell me who had more fun????

Beautiful scenery

Dad snow shoeing

Mom snow shoeing

Dad climbing a tree

Snow Angel time

Finally, Mom and Dad came back on Sunday afternoon to rescue me from the little monsters. Even though I was a little mad they left me, I have never been so excited to see my pawrents. We loaded my stuff in the Trailblazer and drove a really short distance. We stopped at a house and the pawrents left me in the Trailblazer. I was ok at first because Mom gave me a bully stick. I finished it off pretty quickly and when I looked out the window I noticed Mom and Dad playing with a mob of golden cotton balls with legs. What were they doing! Hello!! Do you not see me in here. I thought if I barked they would come back, but they went into the house. Why are they cheating on me while I am sitting in the car watching? After what seemed like furever, Mom and Dad came out and we went home.

Golden cotton balls with legs

Who is this guy?

We spent a little time at home, Mom and me unpacking and Dad snow-blowing. They fed me dinner and then left again. I was ok with them leaving me this time because I was at home and I needed the rest. They were only gone a couple hours. When they came home each of them showed off their right foot to me! I was hoping they weren’t going to ask me if they smelled like Frito’s! Then I noticed they both had a set of three paws on the top of their foot. They each got a Tripawd tattoo in honor of Peyton. Dad scanned a mold of Peyton’s foot and created the template to transfer it onto their feet. Now Peyton will furever walk with Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad Tripawds Furever

So all in all the weekend went well for some of us, but I still have a few unanswered mysteries. Who were those little golden cotton balls? Why did Mom buy two new dinner bowls that she won’t let me use yet? Is she going to start feeding me two meals at once? Why is there a rather small new dog bed and crate in the basement? And why did Mom buy two new collars that she won’t let me wear (one is way too small for me)? Can anyone help me with this mystery?? Opie, you are a smart guy! What does all this mean?

I have forgiven the pawrents for the lack of attention this weekend. Mom has taken me on walks even though her foot hurts. We have spent time at the park playing with the Chuck-It Frisbee. Dad has spent lunch breaks with me at the park chasing Chuck-It balls. We have had a lot of fun!! I know they love me lots even when it isn’t National Love Your Dog Day!

I love the snow

Cute Frisbee guy

Yummy Frisbee

I hope all is well in the Tripawd world. We think about all of you often! Have a great week!!



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14 Responses to “National Love Your Dog Day”

  1.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Oh Dillion – you are so adorable!! Love all of your pictures (even if you had to spend your weekend with your aunts and uncles) and your pawrents feet too! So what’s with all those little golden cotton balls? Ummmm…that must be pretty freaky for you but they look pawfully cute :). Can’t wait to hear more! Sending you lots of golden kisses from LA.

  2.   maggie Says:

    Oh Dillon,

    You tell your pawrents once again, they’ve put tears in my eyes with their rememberance tatoos of Peyton…..WOW! Soooooooo cool 🙂

    You did look a little miffed at having to stay with your Aunts and Uncles….but your pawrents looked like they had a GREAT time snowshoeing!!

    I can’t tell you what all those extra bowls and collars mean, Dillon….I’ll let your pawrents do that – I hope you like the idea! I’m betting you will 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  3.   tootsweets Says:

    Love the pictures! Even though it wasn’t what you were hoping for… looks like everyone ended up having a fun weekend!

    Kristin and Toto

  4.   admin Says:

    National Love Your Dog Day

    Isn’t that every day? 😉

    Love the fresh ink!

  5.   Gina Says:

    Love Love Love the ink guys! and your write up and pictures are PAWESOME!!!!

  6.   anyemery Says:

    Hey, Dillon! We loved the pictures of you and your pawrents. Especially the one of you with your aunts and uncles – you look very regal! And those little golden puffs are adorable! My mom got a little choked up when she saw the pawprints on your parents’ feet…

    Hey, nobody told me it was National Love Your Dog Day! I think I’ll lobby for some extra treats… gotta run!
    Holly (and Holly’s mom)

  7.   jerry Says:

    My Mom is sooooo jealous, she wants a Tripawd tattoo! Your pawrents are cooooooooooooool!

    Well Dillon, I can’t even begin to guess what’s going on there with all that new stuff 😉

    (wink wink!)

  8.   Opie Says:

    Holy crow, Dillon! Do you think you will have a little brother or sister? Oh my gosh. I think that would be sooooo cool and an excellent tribute to Peyton. If it is true, you will be the best big brother, ever…because Peyton was a really good teacher, right? I wonder when it will happen? Those pups looked pretty close to travelin’ age… Wow. I mean, yikes…I am so excited. I can’t wait to hear from you again.

    PS. My mom loves the tripawd tattoos. So very cool. And I’ll bet it hurt a little. My mom got a tattoo about four years ago. She thought about it for more than 10 years before she actually did it when she was visiting California. It is an octopus and two tentacles are reaching along the top of her foot. She said that the top of the foot is one of those really hurty places for tattoos. Anyway, she thinks your pawrents tattoos are so very, very, cool.

    Keep in touch. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  9.   Ben Says:

    The tats are rockin’ momma is very jealous. She is suppose to be getting one paw for each pup she has had in her life – she is just still too chicken to do it because she heard how much the foot hurts to get a tat on. maybe you inspired her…
    Dillion, now for that little ball of fluff running to and fro in the snow – I can’t tell ya cause you are going to be so excited and surprises are just the best. I am excited for ya…I can’t wait to see your face when you figure it out.

  10.   Tehya's Mom Says:

    Oh thank you so much for making me smile today! What a great story …I think you might have some little brothers or sisters in your
    future … will be the best big brother ever! I love the tats your pawrents are the best!!!

    Tehya’s Mom

  11.   Opie Says:

    AAAaaghghghghghgh! I can’t stand the suspense. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe…I know, I can hardly believe I actually said that myself…..maybe your pawrents went to see those pups just because…for no reason…I know, Right? People are crazy. They do crazy things. My mom went to see a litter of Springer Spaniels once and a litter of English Setters…can you believe that? We are a golden family. What was she thinking? Temporary insanity. Maybe your pawrents needed what my mom calls a “puppy fix.” My mom needed one of those last year, so we had to babysit Pulo. Pulo is a Yorkshire Terrier pup and he was so stinkin’ little. Emphasis on stinkin’. He made monkeybutt look like a blue ribbon winner. My mom weighed him on the trophy fish scale at work and he weighed 2.2 lbs.. No dog weighs 2.2 lbs!
    A small guinea pig weighs 2.2 lbs! Anyway, she had to have her puppy fix so we were stuck with the little runt, with his little bowls, and his microscopic toys. Sheeesh. So Dillon, no worries. I think it was just a puppy fix.

  12.   jack crowder Says:

    The chauffeur just asked me if I wanted to get a tripawd tattoo? Shees, what a dork! I don’t need no tat to show how I feel about tripawds, I are one!
    He said there’s a Tattoo and Blues Festival in town and they have a ton of folks that would be more than happy to give us a tattoo.
    I told him to go ahead and get one if he want’s but count me out, a Princess does not get tattoo’s. Shees, what a dork.

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