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The Big Reveal…..

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What is one foot tall, two and half feet long, 18 pounds, has sharp teeth, and looks like a golden cotton ball?

Rhys… (Pronounced Reese)


Sorry to keep everyone in suspense especially you Opie! It all started Friday night. I thought we were going to visit Grandma, but we made a slight detour. We went back to the house with all the golden cotton balls. Again, I had to wait in the car while the pawrents went inside. I was a little annoyed until they came back outside carrying a golden cotton ball. I became really annoyed when Mom sat down in the front seat with that thing in her lap. We started to drive again, WTH??? We headed up at Grandma’s house where Mom and Dad let me out of the car to meet this crazy little character. We were at Grandma’s for just a short time and I was relieved to think the cotton ball was staying there with all my Aunts and Uncles. Boy was I wrong, when we left the cotton ball came along with us. We had a weekend full of entertainment.  The little cotton ball hasn’t left yet, I think he is here to stay!

What is it??


He's not leaving is he?

All of those small hints in my last post…baby brother? How did I not see that? Maybe I was in denial. Mom and Dad didn’t just need a puppy fix they brought the little guy home to stay. They think I am lonely and need some entertainment in life, cool my own personal squeaky toy.  Usually my stuffed toys that squeak have no chance, but I think this one may stick around longer.

Let me out!

Rhys is wonderful! Next to him I look like the perfect dog. He bites, pulls hair, and chews on furniture. Thank goodness there is nap time!!

Chewing on the table

Nap Time

Another Nap

Let us in!!

I truly believe Peyton sent Rhys to us. Peyton has always looked out for me and wants me to fill his paws as the big brother. I just wish he were here so Rhys could meet such a cool dog, Peyton my inspawration!

DILLON THE PERFECT DOG!! ! I like the sound of that!


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15 Responses to “The Big Reveal…..”

  1.   gineej Says:

    I love, love, love your posting!!! It made me smile and laugh today! Welcome to your new golden cotton ball….he is adorable!

    We are beginning our search for a new canine daughter this week, your story gives me hope there is a girl out there for us!

    Thank you for sharing your story & beautiful photos!

    Ginny & Angel Paris

  2.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    O. M. G. !!!!!

    Don’t tell Catie and Riley – but I was besotted by your photos of Rhys, the Golden cotton ball (Dillon is gorgeous too). Peyton did indeed send you a loving gift.

    Oh my.

    Thank you, thank you for sharing this! Don’t you just love the smell of puppies – I can just about sniff him from here in Edmonton.

    Lovely. Enjoy.

  3.   Opie Says:

    OMD! My mom is laughing and jumping up and down. She is sooo happy that Dillon has a little brother! She hopes we can watch him grow up on the blog and see how Dillon fills Peyton’s shoes. All three of them!

    As for me, I’m with Dillon. Still not sure. I hope Dillon is happy that he has a new brother. As soon as Dillon says that he is glad about Rhys, then I will be happy for him too. But, until then, Us tripawds and our tripawd bffs have to stick together!

  4.   janeothejungle Says:

    Awww. What an adorable puffball!! Welcome Rhys!! I just know you will be an excellent role model and big brother, Dillon! Just remember patience is a virtue (at least thats what my foster moms says over and over under her breath). Congrats on the fluffy!

    Luvs, Rosie

  5.   maggie Says:

    Awe, Dillon…you didn’t look too impressed at first but following pictures you look OK with your new little brother! You got big shoes to fill of Peyton’s. You’ll do good 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  6.   cometdog Says:

    Be a good sport and trade me your little brother. Okay?

    This is so not fair!!!! How come you get a cutie muffin like Rhys and I get……(never mind, it’s too depressing to talk about)

    I’m happy for you because I know you will eventually fall in love with him. (unlike my circumstances)


  7.   ldillon81 Says:

    Dillon!!! Your new little brother is sooooo cute! I bet you taught him how to do all those cute things, huh? And Peyton taught you, so Rhys is actually learning from Peyton!!! I can’t wait to watch you grow into a handsome little bugger 🙂

    <3 Laura and Jack

  8.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Congratulations on your new golden cotton ball!! Soooo cute and adorable!!!! We’re so happy for you and your family. Dillon, you’ll make a great big brother and I’m sure you’ll show Rhys the ways of the world. Peyton would be so proud. Sending lots of fluffy kisses and hugs your way.

  9.   Dane Mom Sue Says:

    Oh My Dog, your new cotton ball is so precious! I can smell the puppy breath from here! Dillon, you two will be best buds in no time.

    Sue and Nova

  10.   Ben Says:

    Lance here. Normally Ben does all the talkin’…but 4.5 years ago I was were you are – lost my best pal. After a while a new kid moved in, at first I wasn’t too sure. I was lonely but started getting use to having the peeps to myself, then the ankle biter came along and took lots of the peeps time. Then one day the ankle bitter wasn’t so bad, then I kinda liked him – now he is my bestest pal in the world.
    Teach Rhys the ways of the world and you will have a pal for life.

  11.   jack crowder Says:

    Congratulations on your new baby! Very handsome feller! You know that Dillon will be a great big brother.
    Here’s to many happy years!
    Shelby, the P.P.

  12.   Opie Says:

    Ugh. My mom can’t keep herself from going to this blog and getting her virtual puppy fixes by looking at Rhys. Hmmppffff. I used to be cute too. Besides, he’s kind of a big boy. I’ll bet he eats alot. Protect your food, Dillon!

  13.   jack crowder Says:

    Rhys, I’ve only heard that name once before…it’s all coming back to me. there is a killer keyboard player out of Austin Texas named Rhys Wynans. He played with Stevie Ray Vaughn.

    Gees it only took me 3 days to remember that, memory ain’t what it used to be.

    The chauffeur

  14.   wyattraydawg Says:

    Dillon you scored! Now you get a little bro’ to blame everything on! Perfect Dog Indeed! Congrats (I think!).

  15.   anyemery Says:

    I can’t believe it took me almost a week to see the adorable pictures! Congrats on Rhys! Dillon you will be pawsome as a big brother!!
    Holly and Holly’s mom
    PS – I’m with Opie’s mom – I may have to bookmark this one to look at these pictures again and again

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