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Rhys Continued….

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Rhys came into our lives just over a week ago and he has been very entertaining! He wears me out so much that I have been sleeping in on the weekends. I use to wake Mom up at 5:15 to eat breakfast and shoot this morning it was after 6:00. To top it off, Rhys was the one that woke us up today. Am I turning into an old dog?? Since when is 2 1/2 old? I really hope it is all the playing with Rhys and not an age thing!

Finally a nap

Shhhh, Finally computer time

Nap time or playtime

This little guy sleeps, eats, plays, walks, and poops! He is like a little machine. We can count on about an hour of playtime and then nap time. He tends to get into a lot of trouble chewing on things that are off limits like chairs, tables, rugs, trees and pawrents. I even had to put him in his place this morning when I was trying to take my morning nap and he was all up in my business. I snarled at him and he snarled right back in his little sissy voice. Don’t worry I will teach him how to be a big dog and not a sissy!!!

My toy Dillon

Tough puppy not sissy puppy

Walking on a leash has proven to be a challenge for Rhys. Mom has a really hard time when she is alone with the two of us. His legs are so short and he gets tired really fast. He will stop in the middle a neighbor’s yard for a nap. Early on he learned that if he pulled the opposite direction as Mom his collar slipped right off and he was free. That didn’t last long, Mom went out and bought a smaller collar. So we take Rhys on fairly short walks and Mom still takes me on longer walks by myself in the morning. Today, I got to go for a walk with Cheney and Sampson. We had a lot of fun!

Cutie Pie

Opie, Rhys is a big boy. He weighs almost 20 pounds and yes I said pounds. There are no ounces involved when we are talking about his weight. Can you really call it a dog when ounces are involved?? Dad is right up there with you when it comes to real dogs!!

Upside down humping

I do need to protect my food from the little guy, the second night we had Rhys he was trying to get a taste of my dinner. Mom turned her back for 10 seconds (to use the dog eating machine) and when she turned around he was in my bowl trying to eat as much of my dinner as he could. Mom was so proud of me because I backed away and didn’t bite his head off even though he deserved it. So to get even, yesterday Mom gave us treats and when she wasn’t looking I stole his rawhide. What comes around goes around little Rhys 🙂 !

Cool new dinner bowls

Comet, I am really sorry, but I don’t think I can trade you Rhys for Monkeybutt. I have never seen a picture of him, but the way you and Opie talk about him scares me. What if we dressed Monkeybutt up as a cute cotton ball, would that make a difference? I could send you some of my hair and some glue and maybe you could glue it on him. I bet my Mom would help us since she is always complaining about my hair everywhere and then she pulls out the dog eating machine to pick it up. This plan could help both of us. We transform Monkeybutt into a cute cotton ball and sell the dog eating machine! Let me know what you think!

Soccor player?

I love soccor!

This kid never stops

What are you doing now?

All in all Rhys is a cool little dude! I know he is a lot to handle right now, but he is a lot of fun. I see a future of endless possibilities for the two of us and plus it is great to do the crime and not the time just blame Rhys!! Not that I would ever do anything naughty. Repeat after me: DILLON THE PERFECT DOG!!!

My new toys

Sharing with Rhys

Opie, I do have one concern about Rhys. I will have to do a little more investigation work, but the other day while he thought no one was looking I saw him with the dog eating machine. I was able to snap a couple pictures for evidence. Do you think he is a spy working with dog eating machines??? Think about it,  Mom turned away to use the dog eating machine during our dinner and he came over to eat my food. He has a special relationship with that thing! I will keep my eyes on the two of them when they are together!!

Mom do you see what I see?

Dog eating machine

Dog eating machine spy?

Rhys is very sweet and wonderful, but we still miss Peyton everyday. It has been 10 weeks since he left us for the bridge and it hasn’t gotten any easier. It is so bad that now that there are two of us again, I get called Peyton pretty often. It is very flattering to me because I know how much everyone loved Peyton. I just wish it were easier! We love you “P” and we miss you very much!!!

Miss you "P"

Take it easy tripawd friends and get spoiled this week with lots of treats! Tell your pawrents you need an extra peanut butter biscuit for Peyton!

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12 Responses to “Rhys Continued….”

  1.   janeothejungle Says:

    What a stinkin cute little puffball!! And what a great big bro you are D!! Keep that ankle biter in line! Sure looks like your house is one big party at the moment! Pupupupu-puppy power!

    luvs, Rosie

  2.   anyemery Says:

    Oh my gosh – he is adorable! And Dillon is looking like such a good big brother! Best wishes for lots of happiness and fun with your newest family member!!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  3.   ThreeLeggedMax Says:

    Wow, Rhys is seriously the fluffiest thing I’ve ever seen!

  4.   Opie Says:

    OMD, Dillon. I have to admit, I kinda like the little guy. He is sooooo big. There is a rule, to tell from a distance if a bear is a big bear or a not so big bear. You look at his ears. If they look small, the bear is big. I gotta tell ya, that one photo of Rhys, sitting there all by himself…he is one big bear. His ears look tiny. You keep him toughened up, Dillon. You are doing a terrific job.

    I like the last photo of you and Rhys. There is a very slight rainbow effect in the photo. Maybe that was Peyton, huh? I think he likes big-little Rhys, too.

    About the dog eating machine thing…I would sure monitor that closely. Discourage that pallin’ around with a terrorist thing. He’s still impressionable, you will have to teach him that the dog eating machine is BAAAAD and your food is BAAAAD, but him giving you all his treats is GOOOOOOD. Let me know how that works for ya. Hang in there, D. Opie

  5.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Catie doesn’t mind the dog eating machine except for some slight annoyance because she usually has to move out of the way. Riley hates it – he takes off and every once in a while returns to bark before running to hide again.

    Dillon, your little brother is too adorable. What a lovely fur ball. I agree with Opie – Rhys will have to learn some manners though – no eating your food!!

    Love the post! Adore the pictures. Thank you. You made me smile.

  6.   jerry Says:

    Hey Dillon, how about if we trade Wyatt Ray for your little bro?

    Oh, and never fear dude, Peyton is always there for ya. Listen and you’ll hear his big bro bark. But yeah, we miss him too.

    Enjoy more crazy adventures this week with the new kid!

  7.   Tehya's Mom Says:

    Thank you Dillon for bringing a smile to my face! I must say you are both pretty handsome dudes!

  8.   Sophie's mom (Tana) Says:

    A fine looking Golden family ! Rhys is very cute … and Dillon … you sound like a very good role model for the little fellow. Keep teaching him the golden ways.

    Thanks for the post and pictures !

  9.   cometdog Says:

    The fur coat idea is great! Will it help? Probably not. But be honest, you don’t want to give up Rhys because you are all smitten with him? I’m right, aren’t I? Pictures are worth a thousand words, my friend. So, go and have a good life with Rhys. (I’ll try to not shed a tear.)

    Oooooh – I see the rainbow, too! It’s the rainbow bridge peeking in! Awwww – Peyton will always be there.

    HEY JERRY! I called dibs first!
    But hey, if we are into trading. I’ll trade ya monkeyb for Spaz Ray! It would be like old times around here! I love my Spazzy Sheps!

  10.   Ben Says:

    Dear Dillion the Perfect Dog-
    You have lots of changes in your life – but maybe, just maybe Rhys will end up protecting you from the dog eatin’ machine. I don’t think Rhys is on the side of the evil one.
    I am thinkin’ he is tryin’ to woo you or impress you ….

  11.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Hey Dillon,
    The pics of you and your new brother are so adorable! Can’t believe that Rhys is already 20lbs! Our dad is with your dad about the ounce thing & real dogs 🙂 You are so patient with your brother….I’m very impressed that you showed such restraint when he went for your food and rawhide. Mackenzie wasn’t so nice to Kobe when he would do that. Now he stays clear away from her whenever she’s eating or chewing on her bone. Puppies will be puppies and I’m sure you’ll set him straight in due time. Thanks for sharing these pictures….they really made us smile!

  12.   CHARITY Says:

    Hi Dillon! Congrats on your new little brother!! He is so fluffy!! Who makes the better pillow? You or him? Sorry to hear about Peyton. How hard it must be on all of you. I am sure you and your little bro keep smiles on mom and dads face, and I’m sure your little brother keeps you on your feet, and is great to play with. Lookin’ good Dillon! xoxo Aunt Charity

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