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Rhys’ First Trip to the Park

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It has been 13 weeks since Peyton went to the bridge. The time has gone by really fast and I am happy to have Rhys to entertain all of us, but we still miss Peyton a lot! He has left the biggest hole in our hearts! I guess that is what special dogs do when they leave. I sure hope he is having fun and eating all the peanut butter biscuits he can get his paws on!

Cool Dog Peyton

On Friday, Rhys got his 12 week puppy shots. He can finally go to the park with me. I have been totally neglected lately. First of all my walks got a lot shorter, Rhys was too little for long walks and Mom started a new job. She doesn’t have hours to kill in the morning to take me for my long walks. Don’t think she is a terrible Mom because we do still get walked twice a day. The walks are just shorter. Second I haven’t had a lot of park time because we didn’t want to expose Rhys to unwanted germs until he had at least his 12 week shots. So now it is time to really start teaching the kid what life is all about! I do have to admit it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be (he is not a natural ball chaser)! Can you say A.D.D. (whatever that is). So I will show you in pictures what I had to work with….

Rhys would run after me for a short distance while I would chase the ball. Then he would lay down on the job.

Laying down on the job?!?!?

As soon as I would turn around towards Mom he would watch me and get into his attack position.

Attacking me for the ball

Then he just grabbed onto my tail and I would pull him around! Crazy lazy kid!!

Yep, attached to my tail

After several times of this routine he got bored and stole the Chuck-It! How can Mom launch my ball without a Chuck-It? So Mom had to recover that from him.

Eating the Chuck-It

He laid down for a short time to chew on a ball with me. I thought he was finally catching on!

Finally he gets the ball idea

He got up and left so I decided I was done sharing my balls with him and he was on his own!

I don't need to share

What does he do? He goes and finds a pop can to chew on?!?!

Pop can not a ball

Who needs a ball?

Nice ears, pop can dog

Mom let him crunch on the can for a little while until he could start doing any damage to his mouth. Of all things to chew on silly. I think Mom let him have the can because it reminded her of Peyton as a puppy. He would pick up the neighborhood on his walks. They called him the recycle dog. He liked to pick up pop cans and water bottles to carry on the whole walk and then he recycled them. What a cool dog. Here is a picture of him when he was about five months old carrying a Pepsi can.

Peyton's Pepsi

I will keep working on Rhys and ball chasing! Can you imagine what it will be like showing him how to swim?

Backyard ball time or nap?!?!

I think he likes the ball

As you can see, Rhys has been growing like crazy. I think he gets bigger every single day. Opie, I think his ears are getting bigger so maybe he is a little bear now, except look at the size of his feet and legs. I think he really loves me. He has a major case of the monkey see monkey do syndrome (No Comet I didn’t say Monkeybutt)!

Big heads little bodies

He knows how to sit!!!

Guarding Rhys during his nap

Chillin' in the yard

Well Tripawd friends I must go nap! It has been a long exhausting day! Have a good week! Sending you lots of sloppy kisses!

Sloppy kisses to all my friends

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12 Responses to “Rhys’ First Trip to the Park”

  1.   jack crowder Says:

    Oh Dillon, you are such a good big brother, and so patient to teach Rhys how to play ball! Your mom is awesome to take you for 2 walks AND the park, wow!! I bet Peyton sent down an angel to whisper in Rhys’ ear about how important it is to collect cans along the path 🙂

    Lets see, ball or can? Hmm, I like dog food cans, but only the inside part. Good thing your mom kept an eye on Rhys, he doesn’t sound like he needs to get ahold of any of the caffeine or sugar from inside the soda can, he he! Pretty smart, tho, to hitch a ride on your tail!

    Keep up the joy, it helps the time to pass quickly for your mom and dad as they heal from missing Peyton. Golden hugs and front leg high 5, Shelby

  2.   Sophie's mom (Tana) Says:

    Hey Dillon – you have your paws full with that little brother ! It sure looks like he thinks you’re his hero. And he’s earning his own kibble picking up cans to recycle – clever ! Peyton was very smart to think that up – I think Shelby (above) is right – Peyton must have sent down a whisper so Rhys would know what to do.

    Keep teaching him the Golden ways – you’re a great role model. Peyton would be very proud of you, I’m sure.

    Sophie sends lots of licks!
    Tana and Sophie

  3.   Opie Says:

    Looks like you are doing a good job teaching that crazy ball of fuzz all about life! He looks like he is fun, but a real paw full. He’s going to be giant! My mom said that her last dog, Zach, was a hundred-pounder. Rhys may just grow to be that big. Yeah…so, Dillon, be nice to him ’cause he may grow bigger than you. Yikes! Opie

    PS. My mom is all like, “Awwwww look at that schweety-wheaty boy. He’s so cute. I miss puppy breath.” Pawrents. Sheesh.

  4.   anyemery Says:

    Hey Dillon and Rhys!

    My mom says that my puppy kindergarten teacher used to say I had trouble focusing! So Rhys, I can teach you how to use that to your advantage to get extra treats and hugs!

    You two sure have fun together – balls and pop cans! And Rhy’s ear in the picture with the pop can looks as big as Maggie’s or Gerry’s! Way too cool! Maybe you two can join the AMBF band with Comet!

    Holly Jolly By Golly

  5.   Tehya's Mom Says:

    Oh my gosh I love reading your blog makes me laugh out loud almost everytime. When Tehya still had her four legs my niece’s Pug puppy used to grab her tail and ride around the yard just like Rhys it brought back a lot of good memories.

    Have a great day!

  6.   cometdog Says:

    Rhys, put your paws over your ears. I need to talk to Dillion.

    Hey Dillon!
    You’re the cutest in all the pictures! I hate puppies. They are all monkeybutts in my book! They are annoying and pesty.
    Yes, come join the AMB Force! You’ll have an excuse to get away from little furbutt for a bit!
    Bye Dillon – I gotta talk to Rhys now.

    – Comet

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    Hi sweetie peetie furball Rhys!

    OOOOOHHHHH you are so adorable! They don’t come any cuter than you, you little cuddle muffin! I sure wish you were my brother! Wanna live with me instead? My house is like Grandma’s – you can do anything you want and you never get in trouble! Plus, we have lots of litterbugs!

    Paws crossed you say, “Yes!”,
    Commy ComCom Comet

  7.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Oh, Dillon, you and Rhys just made my Monday. Thank you for the pictures!!

  8.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Oh Dillon and Rhys…you make my heart melt with your sweet adorable pictures!! Rhys looks so much like Kobe did when he was a puppy. Such a golden fluff ball. Kobe liked to do the can thing too but he also gets a kick out of going into the laundry basket and pulling out his Dad’s dirty socks (and some other items I won’t mention. ) Watch out Dillon that Rhys doesn’t start to pull out your pawrents laundry items too- it could get embarassing if you know what I mean. Especially when they start parading it around the house and tossing it in the air for all to see. Happy Park Days! Lots of golden hugs coming your way!

  9.   admin Says:

    Rhys is just too cute. Glad to see he’s starting a neighborhood recycling program.

  10.   jakesmom Says:

    Dillon, I know that Rhys must seem like a real pain in the butt for you right now… but I can see that Rhys really looks up to you… as his giant chew toy, snuggle buddy, and big brother. Reminds me so much of when Wolfie was a puppy and Jake seemed annoyed at him all the time… but they grew into the best of friends… as I’m sure that you and Rhys will be too!!! Be nice to Rhys… he might end up bigger than you one day! 🙂 Keep those pictures coming!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  11.   Ben Says:

    Dillion you are doing a pawsome job of teachin’ Rhys the ways of the world. Its good to have a buddy.

  12.   diesal Says:

    Aggggggh, what a lovely page to read, and beautiful photo’s too.

    Keep up the good work Dillon. You are doing a great job!

    Karen and Diesal

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