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Purple Dinosaur in Loveland

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Rhys and I received a very important package last week from Fairbanks Alaska. What could it be? It came from Opie and before we could get the tape off the box I thought the box was yelling something like “let me out of here”! Weird!! So we finally get the box open and out comes a purple dinosaur, It’s Barney!! We never thought Barney would make a special trip to Colorado since Peyton has left us, but he did! Thank you so much Opie and Nancy for sending him our way! We know Peyton is looking down smiling at our adventure with Barney!

Opie had warned us that Barney was pretty quiet with a goofy grin on his face, but he really is a cool dude. He smells so wonderful: Caira Sue, Nova, Gerry, Maggie, Maggie, and of course Opie! Now that we have your scent, we truly know you, Opie! Barney has a nice aroma of frito feet! Who wouldn’t want to kill a purple dinosaur that smelled like Fritos? I know Opie had great hopes that Rhys would rip right into Barney well bad news. Barney is still alive and kicking! So like Opie I am going to tell Barney’s adventure in pictures! You know how much crazy Mom loves to take pictures!

How exciting is it when you get a package in the mail addressed to you? Especially when it is from your BFF in Alaska?

Rhys opening the package

My turn

It's Barney

Barney was really relieved to get out of the box! He was excited to come to a place where the dogs were more interested in chewing on each other then on him! Finally he was going to get a little R&R in Colorado.

Barney watching from the side

Wow! Look at those teeth!

We thought we would give Barney a little break since he was stuffed inside a box for days! We wanted him to think it was a fun place to hang out, until Rhys decided to make Barney his play toy (I think Rhys was just mad because I was beating him up and he wanted to pick on someone smaller than him)!

Barney... Yum Yum

I'm a good referee (where's my whistle?)

Dinosaur humping?

Once Rhys decided Barney should be a humping friend, it was time for Barney to turn in for the night. Mom let us try on our new totally pawsome bandannas from Opie and Nancy! How handsome are we???

Handsome boys

We had a pretty laid back week with Barney. We didn’t do a whole lot until Saturday. It was time to show Barney how cool it is in Colorado. In the morning Barney got to go on a MINI Cooper drive. Mom just started a new job working for a brand new MINI dealership. They don’t open until April 5th, but thought it was a good idea to do a MINI caravan through Northern Colorado to spread the word. Rhys and I had to stay home because they didn’t want golden retriever hair in the new cars! Hello that is what the dog eating machine is for, just let it loose once we are out of the car and he will take care of all the hair. So Barney got to check out a couple different cars. Notice it is April in Colorado and he got to experience a convertible!!

Barney in the convertible MINI

Barney on the MINI Clubman

Once the drive was over, we decided to take Barney to several of Peyton’s favorite spots. We went to this park area with Peyton and posed on this same picnic table.

Picnic Time, What's for lunch?

Here Barney, Barney, Barney

BBQ Barney?

Just kidding, we weren’t going to eat Barney! That was his idea to lay on the grill like we were going to BBQ him, silly dinosaur!! He also thought it would be fun to play in the river. I tried to warn him that the water was really cold, but he doesn’t listen very well!

Playing in the river

I'm gonna save Barney

Who cares about Barney, I love sticks!

We left the park area and found this big mountain of snow! We wanted to show Barney the cool weather in Colorado! In the morning he is hanging in a convertible MINI and by the afternoon he is freezing in a mound of snow! We love our weather!

Snow mound

It turns out, Barney loves tractors! We found this tractor mailbox on the way down from the park. Barney had to sit on it!

Farmer Barney

We continued our adventure and stopped at another park. In the summer, Dad fishes at this park (I don’t think he has ever caught a fish here)! More fun photo opportunities.

Sitting on the bench

Hello down there

Dad, Barney, and Rhys

All the boys

Teaching Barney the rules. We have to sit and stay before we step off the curb to get into the Trailblazer. He is a quick learner! Now we can continue the adventure!

Sit Barney, Good Boy!!

We stopped at a tower so Barney could get a glimpse of the world from way up high! He complained about all the stairs he was forced to climb. I would have given him a lift, but not dogs allowed!

Lots of stairs to climb

Looking down at us stuck in the car

Resting after the stair climb

So we know this is called the KillBarney Tour, but does it count if he is taken away by bird???

Drop Barney stupid Bird

We had you fooled didn’t we? That wasn’t a real bird, but it looked pretty cool!

We made a very special stop at one of the HeArt sculptures! This one is for you Peyton!!! For those of you new to our blog, there are many of these HeArts around our town. Peyton and I posed in front of all but one.

Peyton's HeArt

Barney has a big HeArt

Finally to our last stop. We had to take Barney to Peyton’s favorite schwimming lake. Peyton loved SCHWIMMING!!!

Lake Loveland

Barney was really tired by the end of the day, so Rhys helped him to the car.

Rhys carried Barney to the car

The last day we spent with Barney was Easter. He thought he would try to tie the record of putting five balls in his mouth like Opie and I are trying to do. Silly Dinosaur, your mouth is hardly big enough to hold one ball. So Opie it is still up to us to break that record!

GO Barney, Go Barney, Go Barney

Barney posed with Peyton’s box. He got to read the Rainbow Bridge poem. I think he would have loved Peyton if he got to meet him!

Barney with Peyton

This is what it would have looked like if Peyton met Barney….

Angel Peyton with Barney

KillBarney Tour? How about the Love on Barney Tour! We are going to miss you Barney! Good luck! Only Rhys and I know where Barney will end up next! Don’t try to get it out of the little guy, he won’t talk if he knows what is good for him 🙂 !

Bye Bye Barney

We want to thank everyone for letting us continue to be a part of the Tripawd group even though our pawsome Tripawd Peyton has crossed the Bridge! We feel very lucky to get to read about you and get to know your families 🙂 !

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18 Responses to “Purple Dinosaur in Loveland”

  1.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Oh man. Great pictures, great journey, and oh isn’t Rhys the most adorable puff-ball ever – laughed out loud at the Barney barbecue.

    Thank you, thank you!

    Sloppy Catie kisses and hi-fives from Riley back to you.

  2.   janeothejungle Says:

    HA HA HA. I totally did a double take on the bird carrying barney away!!! Seems more like it was a ‘lovebarney’ tour over there in CO. What a great visit! Rhys is so cute carrying barney around. What a fuzzball. Looks like the boys had a good time!

    Luvs, Rosie

  3.   Kami (Mackenzie's Mom) Says:

    Barney sure is having a great time in Loveland….how can that be topped being with Dillon and Rhys, riding in the mini, laying on the bbq, getting the full heart treatment, reading Peyton’s special poem….all in Loveland….how lovely is that! The most adorable pictures. So enjoyed Barnie’s adventure in Loveland – and what love there is! 🙂

  4.   anyemery Says:

    Wow – Barney sure had a nice vacation in CO! You guys really showed him some fun! We loved the picture of the bird carrying Barney off – although Holly keeps insisting it was a duck. She has a thing about ducks, you know.
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  5.   maggie Says:

    Cool!!! So happy to see that Barney made it to Spirit Peyton’s pack!! 🙂 Loved the story in pictures!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  6.   cometdog Says:

    I think I’m going to throw up. UGH. This is not the LOVE BARNEY TOUR! This is not WEEKEND AT BARNEY’S! Nor is it BARNEY’S BIG ADVENTURE! Those aren’t KillBarney pics, those are vacation pics and Barney was your guest! UGH.

    Barney should be DEAD! DEAD! DEAD I say!

    Dillion, look in the mirror at your teeth. Those would have worked! Turn those teeth on Barney and not on Rhyse!

    Come on! Even the eagle knew what to do. I was rooting for the eagle and you guys were ballin’ your eyes out! And then there’s the whole BBQ’d Barney thing. I was licking my chops! I cheered out loud! FINALLY, we were going to see some action! Burn, Barney, Burn! BUT Noooooooo!

    Where’s Barney going next? Hawaii? The Greek Isles? Venice? Paris? We wouldn’t want him to have a bad time on his next stop!



  7.   Tana Says:

    Thanks for the vacation pics Dillon and Rhys. Looks like Barney is having a great time traveling.

    Good thing you’re teaching him manners, like how to “sit” – that will be good for him.

    Hey – it might be fun to see Barney in Hawaii, Comet – he could “visit” the big volcano, or go deep sea fishing!

    Thanks for posting the adventure,
    Tana and Sophie

  8.   killbarney Says:

    Thanks for the great visit! I had a wonderful time and hope all Tripawds I meet are as kind and sweet as Dillon And Rhys. Spirit Peyton must have been watching out for me. 🙂

  9.   credocanis Says:

    Oh my gosh, I laughed OUT LOUD. Thank you for that. It’s been a while. Your boys are so handsome!!

  10.   GerrysMom Says:

    TOO CUTE! Wow, and so many great pictures with commentary to match. That purple dinosaur is some kind of miracle, the way he continues to survive. Though I (Gerry’s Mom – not Gerry) am impressed by that, I will be cheering right along with Comet if/when someone finally gives Barney the shredding he deserves. Should have sent a stuffed Big Bird across the country, but who knew they were all gonna get so lovey-dovey with him.

  11.   Opie Says:

    LOL! Good job to Dillon and Rhys…I get why you couldn’t tear up Barney. After all it is hard to HATE in LOVE land…bwaaahahahahahah. Still, you should have made him swim the fishes.

    OMD, Dillon, my pop is a crazy fisherman, too. He will fish all day even if he never gets a bite. My mom fishes a little, but she waits until my pop catches something then begins to fish. That’s okay, though, cause when she is not fishing, she is playing with me on the river bank.

    The bird photo is pawesome!

  12.   Opie Says:

    PS. “Once you are part of the tripawd family, you are always part of the tripawd family. Angle tripawds are just as real as mortal tripawds.”

  13.   Annie Says:

    Your family, Peyton, Dillon and Rhys are an inspiration. I think I saw some purple dinosaurs when I was coming out of my ansthesia after my surgery. My pawrants and I hope that I can run in my back yard with my Daddy soon. It is one of my favorite things. Please keep the great pictures coming!!

  14.   jakesmom Says:

    Loved the pictures of Barney’s vacation with Dillon and Rhys! I think that Barney deserved a little R&R after being mauled all over the country, eh? 🙂 I know that Peyton would have enjoyed the visit too, but I’m sure he was there in spirit anyways.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    Angel Jake’s Mom
    P.S. Opie’s mom is so right, once we join the tripawds family, we are in it for life!

  15.   diesal Says:

    Aggggh, how funny indeed.
    You really make me laugh. Great pictures. Puff ball has really grown!

    x Diesal and Diesal’s mum

  16.   maggie Says:

    Hi Cami & Company 🙂

    I was just wondering how that new little furball is doing? He’s sooo cute…I hope he’s helping with the loss of Peyton 🙁

    Tracy & Maggie

  17.   Ginger Says:

    Dillon and Rhys, I’ve been meaning to tell you this. My Mommy’s sister and her family live in Greeley, CO, which I think is really close to you guys. What a small world! I would “Love” to come out with my Mommy when she visits her sister and we could come to Loveland.

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