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CO Tripawd Pawty/Cancer Walk

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Wow how time flies. We have not posted since Barney came to visit us in April. The little rug-rat Rhys has been growing like a weed, before we know it he will be as big as me. Pretty soon humans won’t be able to tell us apart except for my red collar and his green one. He is a pretty cool dude, but still gets on my nerves at times.

Dillon Chillin'

These last few weeks we have been able to spend time with our Tripawd friends. I thought it would be fun to post some of the pictures for everyone. First we went to a Tripawd Pawty and it was pawesome. There were so many tripawds I couldn’t count them all. There were big ones and little ones, young ones and old ones. Even some that had only been tripawds for a couple of weeks. Peyton would have loved meeting all of these wonderful dogs!

Cool Golden Retriever

Lookin' Good In Yellow

So Many Tripawds

What Are You Smelling?

Pawty Time

I would like all of you to know that every time we have seen Wyatt, he thinks Rhys looks very tasty. For some reason that little blond fuzz ball has Wyatt’s name all over him, but not anymore. We are happy to report that Rhys and Wyatt got along great at the Tripawd Pawty. Rhys even instigated a little playtime with Wyatt!

Wyatt Not Eating Rhys

Next we attended the 2nd Annual Canine Cancer Walk. We went last year and it was two weeks after Peyton had his leg amputated. That was also the first time we had met Jim, Rene, and Wyatt. So naturally we had to go again this year in honor/memory of Peyton and all of the wonderful cancer friends we have met along the way.

Men On The Mountain

Starting The Walk

Almost To The Finish Line

We Finished

Family Photo

The four of us walked really fast and had lots of fun. We were the first people/dogs to finish the long walk. Go Team Tripawds!!!! If you look closely at Mom and Dad’s shirts they made them special in honor of Peyton. Rhys and I got to wear Tripawd bandannas that Mom modified with Peyton’s name! He would have had so much fun if he was still with us!!! We miss him very much!


Peyton 12/25/04-12/27/09

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7 Responses to “CO Tripawd Pawty/Cancer Walk”

  1.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Oh we’re so happy to see your post after all this time and to know that everyone is doing so well. Rhys has gotten quite big – doesn’t even look like a puppy now – still cute as ever. And Dillon you are still one cool dude!!! Love the Peyton touch on the t-shirts and bandanas. We think about Peyton often and bet that he was at the finish line with you! Here’s to Peyton!
    Kami, Mackenzie & Kobe

  2.   etgayle Says:

    wonderful pictures!! it was so nice to meet you when i came to ft. collins in july!! the ‘boys’ really were a delight to watch swimming!!

    charon & gayle

  3.   admin Says:

    Great photos, thanks for sharing! Just wish we coulda been there. 🙁

  4.   Ginger Says:

    Dillon, we are so glad you updated us on your adventures with Rhys and your pawrents. It sounds like you have been busy – and having fun with all those tripawds. Rhys is getting so big. No wonder Wyatt Ray is being nice to him. Wyatt isn’t quite sure how big Rhys is going to get. Hope everything else is going well.

    – Ginger

  5.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

    Rhys, what a big boy you are now! Where’d the fluff ball go?!

    Great to hear from you, Dillon!

  6.   Opie Says:

    Oh boy, Rhys, you are all big and grown up. I’ll bet Peyton loved looking down and watching you grow. He probably laughed out loud to see how you pestered Dillon. He was thinking, “Yeah. Take that Dillon. Now you know how I felt when you came along! Hang in there, D, once some of the puppy wears off of him, you will be inseparable, just like we were.”
    As always, beautiful pictures. I miss Peyton and Opie. We will never forget them, I know, but hopefully your Rhys and my Mattie will help fill the empty spaces.
    Here’s to many fun dog-filled days ahead!
    Opie’s (Now Mattie’s) Mom

  7.   Ginger Says:

    Dillon, Rhys and pawrents – are you guys OK? We just saw on the news about wildfires around Loveland and we thought of you all. Hope everything is alright.

    Sending you happy thoughts and sloppy kisses,

    Ginger and her pack.

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